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First educational engineering center in Russia

An opening ceremony of the first educational engineering center of Nikon (Japan) industrial microscopes and video measuring systems took place on the basis of Sovtest ATE in December 2011. Now domestic Customers have an opportunity to take a studying course in Nikon equipment and get acquainted with its advantages and peculiarities in practice.     



The center has modern equipment, including a line of SMZ industrial microscopes (plus the most popular on the Russian market stereomicroscope SMZ745T) along with the latest developments by Nikon, such as а portable microscope ShuttlePix. It is planned to add an automatic video measuring system NEXIV to the center’s equipment. Consultations are carried out by the highly skilled specialists of Sovtest ATE, who took several courses held by Nikon and have the corresponding certificates. 

Sovtest ATE specialists’ training in the Nikon technological center

Presale preparations (performance check, additional options installation, etc.) also take place besides teaching courses and giving consultations in the new Nikon technological center on the basis of Sovtest ATE. Metrological department also ensures that a complex metrological support is given to each project.

Our customers can carry out preliminary pilot study of their samples in order to insure the correct choice of the chosen equipment, which will fulfill all the requirements and peculiarities of its usage in particular application areas (for example, metal processing, mechanical engineering, microelectronics, material science, jewellery production, etc.). The center is used for the in-house needs (contract testing).   

Center’s creation is caused by the high popularity of the Nikon equipment on the Russian market, and therefore, a growing necessity of qualified service support.  At the moment Sovtest ATE is ready to provide a complete complex of services, guarantying qualitative work of the equipment, supplied within the frames of NDT testing department development. Taking into consideration technical perfection of the Nikon microscopes and video measuring systems, we are sure that their usage guaranties maximum efficiency of the production, control and research processes.

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