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Participation of Sovtest ATE in exhibition NDT-2011

As a part of active development in direction of Nondestructive testing Sovtest ATE presented the booth at 10-th International Exhibition «Non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics in industry -2011» (NDT)which took place in Moscow from 22 to 24 March. For NDT-2011 visitors attention there were presented the innovative solutions in the field of product quality inspection from leading world manufacturers, particularly X-Ray and Computer Tomography (CT) systems manufactured by Nikon Metrology.


Sovtest ATE participated in the exhibition NDT-2011 for the first time. However, summarizing this event it should be noted that the visitors showed high interest in equipment demonstrated by Sovtest ATE. A special attention was paid to X-Ray system XT V 160 with Computer Tomography (CT) option of Nikon Metrology. All the guests of Sovtest ATE booth were convinced in practice in high efficiency and reliability of given equipment. Sovtest ATE specialists provided all replies to the most vital questions of visitors, such as: manufacturing application of modern science-intensive technologies, selection and operation of new diagnostic and testing equipment considering the special features of technological process.

Today exhibition NDT RUSSIA is acknowledged as one of the main instruments of industrial enterprises, commercial and state structures interaction with NDT equipment suppliers. And though the results of Sovtest ATE team work during this event could be evaluated only after some period of time, it is getting clear now that the first participation of Sovtest ATE in NDT RUSSIA will not be the last one. At the present moment the company is confidently developing the non-destructive testing field. Next year Sovtest ATE plans to extend the exposition so as the visitors of exhibition will be able to observe some new samples of equipment and to learn some interesting ideas and technologies.


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